Hi everyone

I have one laptop(window xp) del and one computer( window vista) i want to connect two computers so that i can access information like files and folders and to share printer .. how can i do this?

In network and sharing i tried this but i couldnt achieve this. please guide me is i need any device to connect both computer wirless


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You want to make what is called an "ad hoc" wireless network, unles you have a wireless router.

I make ad hoc wireless network But my internet not working same time.
Is this the only way without wireless router to network computer because i need internet too

Well why dont you use a wireless router?

because i dont want to spend money for only connecting two computer.

ok i use that if no other option available..

thanks for reply Jbennet

Well you cant have the internet on an adhoc network, unless one of the machines has 2 NICs., why not just get a wireless router, that way you can share files, and the internet connection. they are like £30...

OK I will buy wireless router.

Thanks for the help

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