HI, I just purchased this range extender and tried to set it up. All the settings in the ip address seemed fine and so there were no changes that I made but when I plug it in even though the lioght is flashing there is still no wifi in the room that required the boosted power.

Help please?!



The booster requires that the WiFi is already available. You mentioned no WiFi in te room. You need at least a weak signal for the booster to "boost" it.

If you want to validate that you configured it correctly, move the booster to a location that has a weak signal and if after the booster is powered up, the signal should be strong. If its not, then validate that you configured it correctly.

Please give more details as to how you set up your extender. If I understand correctly, you intend to use the device as a repeater to an existsing wireless network. If that's the case I'd recommend:
1) Reading this absolutely concise useful guide in Tom's-Guide. This like helped me a lot!
Hint: Your extended is probably not 'plug and play'. You need to define to it, which wifi signal it is supposed to 'extend' (or more accurately, repeat)
2) Make sure your wifi network, and your extender both use the same channel.
3) Make sure the interference from other channels is minimal. For example, say if your neighbors also have a wireless network, and they use the same channel such as your network, this might interfere with your network's reception.

Last question couple: Does your router and your extender from the same manufacturer? It usually is a good idea if they are, but in case they aren't, I warmly reccommend the link I gave before. It does a lot to explain about what your are trying to do (Extender/AccessPoint/WDS are the relevant keywords you need to google-up).

Have fun,
let me know if I can help. And try to give a clearer view of what you've already done so it would be easier to help.