Hi all,

I'm having a problem that in all likelihood some of you have already faced one time or another: the notorious inconsistency of a wireless network connection.
I have one WinXP machine, that's connected to a wireless network via an access point. But sometimes, the access point loses the connection. It usually happens if I have just finished copying some very large file (3GB for example). I would have liked to configure WinXP to reboot/reset/repair-connection automatically whenever it loses contact with the wireless network.
For example, if ping to wifi-router fails, repair connection.
Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do it convieniently? Ugh.. It would have been the definition of simplicity to do it on a linux-system, but on windows I'm quite lost about it.

Thanks a lot!

Yes its the same, wireless and fixed wireless is the same connections which is wireless.A wireless system uses stations waves just like your cellphone,radio and TV.The interaction between wireless system is like a two way stations interaction.Here is what happen on the wireless system.A computer wireless adapter translate data into stations signal and then transmit it using an antenna.