i started my laptop and i use wireless internet connection taken from my neibhour.the problem is its showing internet connected but limited access.because of which am unable to use internet in my laptop where as i can use in my mobile phone.now what shall i do to start internet in my laptop

First, i would hope that you have your neighbors approval if you are using his/her wireless connection.

In any event, limited access means that you were able to make the connection (layer1/layer2), but your computer was not successful in obtaining an IP address from a DHCP source.

You would need to troubleshoot this issue with your neighbor.

Thanks for your help,last time my prob was resolved with ur answer.yes am paying my neibhour for the services i use. so now what i have to do.what shall i ask my neighbour to do?

go to your start menu, click 'run' (if your computer is windows XP) and type: cmd
if your computer has either Vista or windows 7, go to start, and just type: cmd
hit enter.

a black box will pop up. this is a command prompt window.
type in the following:

"ipconfig/release" (dont type the quotation marks)

hit enter

then once you can type again, type:


hit enter

ipconfig/release is a command that erases the current IP settings and internet activity that your computer has.
ipconfig/renew refreshes your IP and internet connectivity... basically...

try that.

best of luck.

3nkur8 has given the best solution for the problem. Basiclly you need to put IP settings on auto detect IP addess mode and just enter the key for network connection. Still, if you have the issue, you can contact your neighbour and ask for a new IP