Have never had a problem w/my wireless connection - have connected from many of hotels, coffee shops, clients offices, etc in the last two years. Started connecting via iphone 4 'personal hotspot' a few months ago - again, all good. Works at home on wireless fine too.

However, about 3 weeks ago -- it stopped working anywhere other than my home wireless. When I'm in a hotel or other wireless, or even iphone hotspot, it looks like it's connecting, even brings up the window asking if 'home, office or public', yet, it wont actually attach to the internet. Get an 'x' over the bars and says 'not internet access'. It seems like some sort of firewall setting or something that got changed??? I travel a lot so starting to be an inconvenience - leaving tomorrow for 9 days! Would really appreciate any advise on what to check.

THANKS. Sheryl A

Make sure that your system has not configured itself with a static IP configuration. Go to the network adapter, properties, IPv4 properties.

Yes. You need to check the IP settings for the internet connections.