Does anyone own a set of these TP-Link Mini Powerline Adapter or any powerline adapters for that matter ?

I'm looking at getting a set to save trailing wires around the house and pulling up carpets to lay them. I've read the review from eBuyer but just wanted to see if any DaniWeb users have used them and what they think of them ?

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I've used a different brand for a while (not sure which). I was very content with them (speed and connection stability was better than wifi), until they started to heat up too much and shut down too regularly (no connection).

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Ah, that may be why some models i've seen with higher speeds (i.e. the 500mbps set) is cheaper than the slower sets.


I've been using a pair to bridge my downstairs office with router, switch, and DSL modem to our upstairs WiFi access point and my wife's office switch for almost 5 years. No problems whatsoever.

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