What is Cloud networking? how does it work? Just really need some help. it kinda new for me.Thanks.

Cloud networking can mean many different things:

1)the use of a cluster of servers for virtual machines (like VMware, KVM, Xen)
2)The use of a 3rd party server for file storage (iCloud, Dropbox)
3)The use of external database servers (or servers for any purpose for that matter) (Amazon EC2)
4)The use of virtual workspace regardless of location.

The 'cloud' is a marketing term that I personally hate. The ability to run services independent of physical hardware, however, is the shit. And I say that with 20+ years of networking expertise behind me.


You mean also that cloud term is some kind of robotics like software that runs hundreds likes in Facebook, millions of followers in twitter and the likes? Hmm but I think this some kind of issue are well handled by the Google.

Yeah it really depends on what you mean by cloud computing networking?

Cloud Computing is basically a means of providing services to a an organistation like:

Infrastructure as a service
software as a service
platform as a service

google any of these and start your trip to the cloud.

"Cloud Networking" is realy just a marketing term. Different variaitions of "cloud" systems have been around for many, many years both public and private clouds. The main idea here is that you are subscribing to a service, rather than a piece of hardware.