Hi All,
My boss has an Asus K53e laptop running pre-installed Windows 7 Home premium. This connects wirelessley to the router at work, and also to his router at home. When ever ANY USB device is plugged in (printer, iPhone, memory stick etc), or is unplugged from the laptop, a pop up appears saying 'wifi has been disabled'. To be clear, he doesn't just lose connection to the router, it becomes disabled. He has to go back into 'Intel my Wifi' utility and enable the device for it to reconnect. Same problems at home and at work, so this is not related to one specific network / router. He also reports that there are intermittent drop outs of the wifi - I dont know if this is related.
Any ideas?

It almost sounds like the WiFi and USB port are using the same interrupt. I suspect that the WiFi is a USB device, and the other USB cruft he is using is connecting to the same internal hub. Have him contact Asus about this.