Hi all,
As title, need to connect a home worker to our LAN in the office. We need to him to connect his PC (running Win 7) to the office File Server PC (folder shares on a windows 7 PC) and to a mySQL database running on a second Windows 7 PC. We do not have any server software running on the network. We currently have Hamachi running on the File Server, the SQL PC and the remote PC and this all runs fine, except it's a bit slow.
I am willing to look at hardware solutions, but I don't know enough about them to guarantee that this will give the increase in connection speed that we are looking for. Is a leased-line another solution? Again don't know enough to talk the boss into parting with cash!!!
Any pointers gratefully received,

Re: Need to speed up connection from remote user to LAN 80 80

You need to provide a lot more info.

What's the current conenction using?
What are the speeds?
What content is he trying to access?
What do you consider acceptable speeds?

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