Hi All,

a IBM laptop initially using in my company, that means its configuration involve a server or whatever i don't exactly know. can browse internet through LAN cable or by wireless connection.

the problem is when i bring it back home and try to online by using either wireless or LAN cable connection. i can't view any webpages.
i have tried below things with wireless connection at home:

1. My other PC at home can online and working normal with the internet.

2. when i search and chose the wireless connection and enter the password required for it. The icon for wireless connection on notification area showed connected.and speed is 11.oMbps.

3. open IE and try to browse web, can not browse any pages.

Check your TCP/IP settings. As it was on a LAN, it may have a statically assigned IP address, whereas most routers are setup with DHCP (dynamic IP addresses). Go into the Control Panel, choose Network Settings, select your network card, and under its properties, make sure it is set to "Obtain IP address automatically".

You should also configure the Internet options. Go back into the Control Panel, choose Internet Options, and make sure that "Connect to Internet" is "through a LAN". Then try reloading a website.