Hi, I need some help! I am running XP, and have a wireless adsl router, D-Link DSL-G604T. Now, I managed to get everything set up, but I had the same problem that others have had (reading the other posts); I had connectivity on my network but couldn't download anything from the internet. I rang up my ISP (Fastweb, here in Italy), and they refused to help me as I didn't get my router from them. OK, I asked them for their parameters, and set those up (IP, subnet mask, gateway, DNAS..) on my wireless internet connection, and it worked! (I use firefox 2.0 as a browser).
Now, I am trying to sort out port forwarding, but cannot access my router (, as my IP is the Fastweb one (?). When I change the settings on my internet connection to the original DSL-G604T settings (changing the DNS to the ones given in the manual, and changing my IP to the, I can access my router application but can't get any internet connection!
This is probably a really stupid observation, but my LAN network icon in my "network connections" says that the network is disconnected, while my wireless network works perfectly...I'm pretty sure this has something to do with it! But if this is the case, how come I can access the internet?
Please help, this is driving me crazy, and with 2 small children, what little spare time iI have is being channeled into this!

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Maybe your router doesn't have that IP anymore. I mean, with all those changes that they told you to do.

Check if your gateway's IP is different from maybe now is or something else like Look for it and try to access it from your web browser.

To do this, restore the parameters that work on your router. click on your current connection's icon (the one that tells you if you're connected or not). Go to the support tab and check your default gateway's IP. This is your router's IP.

Hope it helps. Good luck.

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