Hi..i just bought a new router (Brand:Level one, Default Gateway:

However i doubt it's function because of frequent disconnection (DC after 15-20 minutes). then, i have to turn the router off and on again to connect to the internet. i was wondering if anyone can tell me any possibilties of problems or solutions.

Thanks for look into my matter.


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i think you have it set up wrong. It probably thinks it has a fixed adress on the net but your ISP most likely assigns a new one after a set interval (for me its 20 mins). have a look in your routers ISP config and set it to DHCP (dynamic adressing)


When i set the DHCP to 'Dynamic IP Address', it require a WAN's MAC Address..i just leave it and save the configuration, i reboot it and it still won't work. DC again after a while..


wired router..a moment ago, i just upgrade the router firmware after i read a few post by other members..i will let you know how it'll response.

Thanks friend.


After i online for more than 1 hour without disconnection, i convince that my router is functioning well.

Thanks for your inputs jbennet.


yeah its a good idea to update your firmware. word if warning though, treat it like your BIOS in your pc and dont update it unless you actually require any new features or fixes as a bad flash can break a device


Question, do you usually have a bit torrent client or some other peer-2-peer app running on your network?

I ask, because many of these joe-blow home users routers seems to have issues with handling the large number of connections. They simply cannot handle it. If you suspect this is what is causing your problem, then go into whatever application it is and see if you can lower the number of connections it makes... Umm, go with trial and error here. Maybe start at 100 or so and see how that works. Then increase or decrease...

If you don't have any such applications running when it crashes, then obviously ignore what I said.


Hi..i don't know how to 'start with 100...'..honestly i don't understand. i do have bit torrent and ares. i hope u can explain to me more about it. Thanks yeah.


yeah, sometimes routers cut you off if they believe you are using an unfair share of its bandwidth by doing intensive tasks like bittorrent. This should be an option in your routers config.


could you tell me what to do with the router config? i mean, what do i have to adjust?


level-1 routers do not disconnect you for having too many connections. but I'd keep emule connections below 254 anyhow

actually, level-one is the best cheap-type router family I've ever dealt with. much better than d-link for sure, not to mention 3-com's disastrous officeconnect family.

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