To increasing back link of your website, You have have to do Off page optimization. Off page optimization includes Directory Submission, BLog Comments, Social Bookmarking. This all things helps you to increase backlinks of your website.

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You will do social bookmarking and do-follow forums for your website.

If you want increas more backlinks,then you should do all strategies in OFF page optimization like Link building,Social media,Video promotion etc.

I have always tried article, blog and bookmarking submissions for better backlinks to my website, but when it comes to ranking I am depressed with what I have done for better ranking. I always use quality contetn for submissions but I think I am going in a wrong way for ranking. Do any one have suggestions for better ranking??

There are so many ways to increase backlinks in that Forum posting,Artcle posting,Directory submission,Blog commenting,Guest posting are the major activities.For every off page activity quality of the content plays an important role.So good,unique and useful content increases traffic,number of backlinks which inturn increases the ranking of the site.

All you have to do is just submit your link with good content to the appropriate website, that might be Bookmarking, article submissions, blog submissions, forum posting, commenting and every thing else which you have been suggested here, will improve your backlinks and you will get bunch of backlinks. "Backlinkmaker" is also one of my suggetion, you should try it.

you need to do some forum posting, social bookmariking, Directory submission, claissifeds ad posting.

Here are some new ways:
Make a pdf or slide with you link and share it on slide share websites.
Do blog commenting and make sure you read the blog well.
Run a contest on face book
Send news letter with you website's link..
I hope this will help.

By submitting your link on others website such as directory, social bookmarking, article, blog creation, guest posting and content marketing help to earn backlinks for your website. That help to increasing keywords ranking of website on search engine.

Directort Submission,Blog Comments,Social Bookmarking, facebook and twitter page promotion is the best ways to increase your websites backlinks

You can use do follow forums and social bookmarking for your website.

Hi friends,

If you want to increase Website Backlinks then I suggest you SEO technique.

Thanks for nice and such informative suggestions...

"Directort Submission,Blog Comments,Social Bookmarking, facebook and twitter page promotion" - none of these works right now. Google Penguin 2.0 killed the rest of those methods.
It's a way more effective today to concentrate on a great content not on SEO tricks. Thinking on backlinks you should consider guest posts and articles writing.

Social media is the best strategies for increase the website backlinks.Make community and group,Share quality content regarding your website,add more friends to your circle.It should help to increase your facebook visitors as well as your website backlinks

If you want to increase backlinks of your website then you have to apply some link building services like forum posting, blog commenting, social bookmarking, article submission and many more. Using organic or natural link building you can increase backlinks for your website.

Off page optimization is used to increase the backlink of website.article submission, social bookmarking, forum posting,blog commenting, guest posting.

You should do effective link buildilng strategies for increase your website backlinks.As well as do Social media activity to your website.
*Forum Submission
*Article Submission
*Document sharing
*Facebook promotion
*Twitter Promotion
*Blog posting
*Pinterest promotion
*Local and Global classified submission.

Through Online Marketing you might be. Better you're running with social media optimization on facebook, twitter, linked in track. Content marketing (article, blog) also another way to get high traffic. If you are looking for instant then go for pay per click (paid marketing) may be bit expensive.

Work as much you can to generate the quality backlinks from the below strategies:
1) Article Submission.
2) Press Release submission
3) Guest Posting

Following are the popular ways of backlinks.

Social Bookmarking
Forum Posting
Directory Submission (With atleast 4, 5 PR)
Classifieds posting
Press Release (Min 400 words)
Article Submissions (Min 400 words)
Rss Feed submission
Commenting on Do-Follow site/blogs
Blog Postings

Do Directory Submissions,Blog Comments and Social Bookmarking, Forum Submission By this way you increased your websites backlink.

If you want to increase the website backlinks then doing work on bookmarking, directory, classified, blog commenting, article posting and forum posting.

write good content and use social media to share it and get natural backlinks from that... in the mean time you could create posts and comments and use a software to create links pointing to each post.. slowly but surely if the content is good, you will get backlinks!

There are plenty of ways to follow, you can do directory submission, blogging, forum, commenting, and so on to get good back links.

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On page Seo and off page seo this are two SEO technique which helps you to increase the backlinks of your website.

Some Tips

  1. Article Submission
  2. Social Bookmarking Submission
  3. Profile Creation
  4. Blog Posting
  5. RSS Feed Submission
  6. Forum Posting

Try forum and guest posting but be sure link is dofollow.

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