hi adsense and daniweb members.
i have a little problem with google adsense account,
what is this i try 2 times my pin code latter is not coming on my address. other all letters and posts are coming easily on my address but just google adsense latter is not coming i try 2 time my last try for pin request was 28 aug 2011 now date is 01 oct 2011, its up to 1 month but i did not get any latter from google adsense and my payments are on hold :-(
please help me,

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I have no clue what you're asking, I'm sorry.

Well i think there is problem with your Residential Address you put it not correctly you need to check it and then correct it and then apply for the pin code they will send you at your home address i have received it now .... so thing is you should check your address correctly

write an email a google adsense team . and tell adsense about this issue. the only way is to inform adsense. :)

We all know Pin Code is must if we want to earn from adsense, and must have fill your pin code. But if you are not receiving mail from Google you can change address to many other address, pin Code and all cheques will be send on your new address.

I I guess you should check your mailing address again just as suggested by "farahnaz783"

You are allowed to request new adsense pin upto 3 times if you are not able to receive it at your address.
1.Try to change address in your google adsense account and request new pin, so that you can get pin at that address.
2.Try to check your nearest post office for any latter with your name.
3.After 3 PIN, even you dont get anytihng, try to post your query in adsense help forum.they will tell you to submit your address proof issued by government and verify your adsense accout.


you should check your nearest post office ... i also had same problem, but i got it in my nearest post office :)

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