pleases provide suggestions to write unique and worthy content.

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original, semantically & grammatically correct, accurate content.
Don't mess up read-ability to stuff the text with keywords.
use others' content, with permission, and attribute that content, the backlinks help them.
keep the landing page small so it loads fast,
subsequent pages will already have the css and scripts in the cache, they can be bigger for the same apparent load time.

can't be specific about your site, know nothing about it.

Thanks almostbob. your suggestions surely improve content quality.

Identify Your Audience and What They Want

Do Your Research

Make Your Writing Actionable


Use a Conversational Style and Standard Grammar/Spelling

I agree with all webmaster reply. My answer are also same that they give.
Prepare yourself while write fresh content.

Your content should be research base that inspire readers. This will help you to get more visitors and traffic.

Well, I would say before preceding forward with the content writing, first of all get a clear idea about what you are going to write!! Next thing you need to focus on is how to make it intresting try mixing it up an create something new which is going to attract the attention of the user. And the next thing you need to do is write ..... I guess this is what you are looking around.

Kelly Burby, you deserve praise keep up the good work, will look forward for your future work!

first analyse about the keyword on whcih you need to write the content.then accurate fresh,readable,grammatic in manner,dont use lot key word in it and yes don't copy it from other,s post

Content writing is an art that can be learned if you are willing to invest your few true efforts . Few things if you kept in mind while start writing will truly help you out:

  1. Adopt narrative writing style. People by nature love to read stories. So when you help your readers understand the complex feature or meaning of your content in a simple granny style story telling. Your readers will love to read your contents.
  2. Use good vocubolry and i dont mean difficult one.
  3. While writing, dont boost your product or service. Give your readers something informative to read.
  4. Your goal is to write a content that provide solution to your readers query.
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