Hello, I want to know how to rank a website for multiple locations suppose if we have a website for UAE market we want to rank for all keywords with Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi or UAE.

You do not need to worry about each and every location. Take for example, there are multiple locations in India such as Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai and various others. You just need to focus on the top keyword i.e UAE or DUBAI.

You need to put these location keywords in your content and Google will understand where your website belongs to. Search Engines give priority to different locations within your content OR Address section.

Also get good backlinks from nearby UAE region and your site will rank higher. In case you are new to SEO you can hire services from a Good SEO Provider.

create your website in multipule languages and optimize is that nich keywords and title.. and create your content all languages that you want to promote. and create your back links all niches that location you want to rank you website

Hope you are good. Managing multiple locations is treating each location as its own entity, without spreading your marketing efforts too thin. Every market is different. Some markets just naturally perform better than others. And some require a little extra push. With an individualized approach, you can analyze how locations are performing independently and identify your trouble markets in terms of rankings, traffic, and goal completions.
In addition to gaining more visitors, geo-targeting your website can also increase conversions. So you can optimize for both the search engine and the user.

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