I have one website for which I can see in the Google Webmaster only half of the total URL has been indexed. Can anyone suggest me what might be the reason my website pages are not being indexed? I have tried everything and though got nothing. Please help me out. Website is: https://www.gicree.com/

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How long has it been? Certain cases big G takes bit longer to index properties. Maybe wait it out.

Also they index crawl on webmasters can do it but I think you already did that. right?


Hi Lisa, Scott is Here

I have checked that your domain is gicree[dot]com is more than 16months old. For checking your issue Google doesn't indexed your website or your website Pages.

***You need yo tell me when did you created you website.?
When you last submit your website for google indexing.??
Last when did you make any changes in your website??

Please provide the correct anwser then i might help you to reslove your issue.

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Some common advises,

  1. Create a sitemap file and sumbit it to websmaster tools.
  2. Check for duplicate contant and remove those pages.
  3. Check your robots.txt file and no follow attribute on pages.
  4. Create a HTML sitemap file, and that will help the users to navigate also the search engines will crawl the pages.

Thank you.

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