I have an offer from a UK based Affiliate for writing gadget reviews i.e. laptops and mobile phones for 500-600 words per review. The offer is 5 Pounds/laptop review or 8 USD/review.

Is it a good offer considering the current market offerings? Please help me because i don't want to be a fool by accepting less and working more.

And if you guys know any place where i can get a complete knowlege about review writing please mention.


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If you're good enough to this job then you can make request to have it raised. Specify your ability to this project so that the employer could make regards to your raised proposal. I don't know if this site could get much knowledge you're needing , try this www.klariti.com and search topic your looking for. Goodluck.


That looks like a good offer to me. When talking about reviews, I remember Amazon also rewards its product reviewers with cash prizes every month. If you write a review at any of the Amazon sites around the globe and are the first to do so in that category, then you'll be entered into a sweepstake to win a monthly cash prize.

This offers sounds too good. Generally that much amount is not paid for general product review. If you are getting that much amount then its a good offer.

IT is very good. I just found this site which is a job site for bloggers and there are a few ads here for technical writers. http://jobs.problogger.net/
You could check out the pay scale for similar jobs here and see.

Where are you located? If you are Asia based, offered rates are OK but not very good. The suitability of rates also depends upon other specifications of the clients like use of keywords of specific phrases. I think, you should accept the offer.

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