hello everyone....
i bought a hp pavilion dv5 1104 tu entertainment notebook just 10 months ago...till yesterday it was running good...but today when i was surfing the internet and the laptop ws running on battery power,the battery power(charge) dropd to 54% from 96% within 4 seconds....after 5 more seconds it became 9%...it really shocked me..
i put it on ac power to continue to run it... after half n hour i remove the ac power adapter to recheck it... i found the same thing happening again...84% charge dropd to 39% within 7 seconds... then i put it on ac power and restart it...
on start up a blackscreen appeared with a battery alert box where in it ws written that...''HP Battery Alert

The system has detected the storage capacity of the battery stated below to be very low.

For optimal performance, this battery may need to be replaced.

Primary (internal) Battery (601)

ENTER - Continue Startup

For more information, please visit: www.hp.com\go\techcenter\startup

now what should i do... i dont know anything about internal batteries... plz help me....

It could mean that you CMOS battery is running out of juice. I think you should have your CMOS battery replaced. cheers!