help please someone, my laptop acer 2410 first started flickering but when i pushed the screen or moved it, it stopped flickering and worked but it coming back an i repeated the process and sometimes turned it off an it would work. now its gone black screen an nothing i do can fix it, everything else is working i can hear windows starting and and can also hear the sound. i can just about make out the icons whats the screen but have to flash a light on the screen an look really carefully as the screen is black screen. the root of this problem has started from my hinges and laptop cover breaking but no damage to laptop. or what moniter is compatible with acer travelmate 2410 tried my pc moniter but says not compatible and no signal . can anyone help please. thankyou

i recently got a friend to upgrade my home pc, they changed my ram from 256mb ( i think) to 2gb on a e machine base unit with 40 gb hard drive, wireless card (new up grade) and this no signal sign came up on the moniter. put the old 256 mb back still didnt work. really need help as essay and exam time an no pc in house and work saved can ayone tell me the problem please thank you

help i cant use this properly dont kow how this works or will antone reply, can somebody reply to say ive posted a msg or im on.