Hey yall, I've recently encountered a very annoying and discouraging problem. The other day, I was on my laptop; Windows Vista, Inspiron 1501, I'd say about 2.5 years old; When it suddenly shut down. Now this is not new to me, my laptop would usually shut down on me after about 2~5 hours, so I was not discouraged. When this usually happened, I would be an idiot and spam the Power button. It would turn on for a split second, then off. After a few tries and 7 seconds later, it would be running again.
However, this time, something different happened. The power went on, and I could hear the fan whirring, but the screen would not flicker nor come on (looked as if it was still off). Another thing was that the fan did not slow down as it usually did during the start up; It just kept whirring at high speeds. Lastly, I could not shut off the laptop by ordinary means such as just holding the power button to shut it off. Instead, I had to manually remove the battery and AC cable.
Can someone tell me some kind of miracle cure for this? Or at least WHAT problem this is so I could tell an expert and make sure they don't jip me off?

P.S. Not really urgent, but thank you for your time >_<

Your problem could be caused by any one of a number of faults. You will need to take it to a professional for diagnosis i suspect!