I logged off my laptop at night. When I turned it on in the morning, all lights were blue, but screen was black.. I tried holding the power button for 1 minute, then turning it on, still the same .. I tried to reseat the ram, now all I get is the power button continuously blinks along with the 3 lights just below the mousepad..help will be greatly appreciated..

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Have you disconnected hard drive ? Sometimes hard drive creates such a situation . Try this idea and I hope your problem will be resolved .

can you get in to the BIOS?

I will try the Hard Drive..
No I can't get into the BIOS, because the screen is dark, so I can't see the BIOS..
The start light & the others below the mouse pad quit blinking, & are solid blue as are all the lights at the top, but the screen stays black.
I will remove & re-install the hard drive.

Thanks, Removing & re-installing the HD did the trick..

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