My computer currently fits a NVIDIA Geforce GT 720 1GB... but I want to upgrade it... here's the exact one I have(other than the fact that I have 16GB of RAM in it)...Click Here

What would be some of the best options that would fit in my computer for a better graphics card. The graphics card I have isn't that great and I want it to be a lot better... thank you for any help or suggestions you could give me :)

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That has a 350W PSU with undocumented "rails." Because we don't have particulars you need to see if the PSU is a single rail. If so, a nod to the Nvidia 950 cards as this should be fine. If it's some split rail PSU then a nod to the Nvidia 750 models.

You can compare old and new GPUs at

You can also find all the specs for their cards on

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