I have an Omnibook vt6200. The other day I was using it and the screen suddenly went black. At first I thought it was just the power, but then I realised that the power was still on and the screen was still on but EXTREMELY feint. It is so feint that I cannot work like this. I have tried connecting the laptop to an external screen and it WORKS perfectly!!

What can I do to fix the vt6200?? Can I open up the LCD screen to check if something is loose? How do I do that??


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When a TFT screen goes on a laptop, there's only an outside chance that shuffling around under the hood will restore the image.

We can all comment on the likely cause but I've yet to see anyone come back with a self-fix for this sort of thing.


Do you have a solution for this mate?

I ahve the same problem with my omnibook and i ma not sure whatot so short of getting osmeone to have a look at it and maybe replace the screen / backlight on the laptop screen.

Again not sure if it a cost effective solution.

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