My old motherboard finally gave out and i replaced it with a different motherboard and CPU but i am using the same HDD. It has windows XP home edition on it. when i try to turn on my computer it takes me to boot in safe mode or normal mode, and keeps booting to this screen. well i have a copy of windows XP Pro i tried to install. i set my bios to boot from CD-ROM first and i keep getting NTLDR not found press ctrl+alt+del. is this because i have windows xp home edition on this?


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Hello and welcome to Daniweb,need a little more info ,you replaced the board,what type of harddrive is in the computer SATA or IDE ,

when you try booting to the winxp pro cd does it start to try and install winxp pro

THe hard drive i have is an IDE hard drive, and when i try to install Windows, it doesn't make it to the installation part it, it says Booting from CD: NTLDR not Found

NTLDR not found:
Press ctrl + alt + del.

When i turn the computer on, it runs through the screen showing what processor i have, memory, etc... then says the above.

for some reason its not detecting your hard drive as being the case and make sure all power and data cables are secured into the hdd,unplug and plug them back in .also make sure the hdd jumpers are set correctly to master .does the hdd show in the bios .

Yes i checked the Bios and it does show it is there. i made sure the jumpers were set to master and i replaced the cables, unfortunately it is still doing it. i read somewhere that it is possible to burn the NTLDR file to a CD and run that before you run the windows XP CD not sure if that is true.

if u have xp already installed on the HDD.u also need to check jumper on the HDD. to run the new installation from the cd make sure the cd is set as first boot pref in bios. and most important, is the cd a bootable cd.

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