My laptop keeps going to the BSOD everytime I boot it up. The message says:

***STOP: 0x0000007B (0xF8A7F528, 0xC0000034, 0X00000000, 0X00000000)

Any ideas on how to stop this??

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Do you run Windows Vista or XP?
Beacuse for that error code the site that i use says the following:
(Click to consult the online MSDN article.)
Windows lost access to the system partition or boot volume during the startup process. Typical causes: Installing incorrect device drivers when installing or upgrading storage adapter hardware, or a virus.
* After You Remove or Reinstall Roxio Easy CD Creator 5 Platinum Edition {KB 811408} Win XP
* Stop 0x7B or “0x4,0,0,0” Error {KB 122926} Win NT, Win XP (on restart)
* During setup (Sysprep issue) {KB 303786} Win XP
* When You Press F6 to Load Drivers During Unattended Win XP Setup {KB 307099} Win XP
* When you restart your Win XP-based computer {KB 316401} Win XP (after replacing motherboard)
* When you start your computer from a WinPE CD-ROM or from a Server 2003 CD-ROM using a USB CD-ROM device {KB 839210} Win XP, Win Server 2003 (patch available)
* Limited OEM driver support is available with F6 during Win XP & Server 2003 setup {KB 314859} Win XP, Win Server 2003
* Error message When Starting Windows Vista After Changing SATA Mode of Boot Drive: STOP 0x0000007B INACCESSABLE_BOOT_DEVICE {KB 922976} Vista
* Error message When Installing Vista on Computer With a DELL CERC SATA 1.5/6ch RAID controller: STOP 0x0000007B {KB 928632} Vista (needs driver update)
Have you done any of that?
If you dont understanding anything post back and i shall 'decode' it for ya :)


Ok, I'll start from the top of your reply- oh and thanks for replying!
Alright, so I'm using Windows XP on the laptop and, er... I'm just a little confused after that ;)

Thanks again!


Have you installed any new device drivers recently. Such as for a graphics card or some piece of other Hardware?
Have you reinstalled anything by Roxio? It normally comes as standard on some laptops/computers?
Also have you had a Virus or any other nasty recently? What Anti-Virus program do you run? e.g. Norton, AVG etc.

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