Hi everyone.

Alright, so I got parts for a completely new system this xmas. I spent all of xmas day building it and checking everything and by night, I had xp professional sp2 installed and running.

Everything was going great until yesterday. I was messing with some system files around that time (I'm mentioning this for info, not to say that's necessarily the problem) because I wanted to use third party themes. Sometime in their, I had to reboot and when I did I got BSODed.

What happened was the computer got through post and the windows loading screen but just as the welcome screen was going to come up, there was a blue flash and it rebooted. I thought this was strange because I had already disabled the option for the computer to automatically restart after a bsod, so it should have stayed up and I should have been able to read it.

So it restarted and when the windows safe mode, boot windows normally dialog came up, I decided to try to boot normally and it worked!

So what's happening now is every time I restart or cold boot, windows bsods just before the welcome screen and then starts up fine after it restarts. I'm glad I can boot and it's just an annoyance, but I would really like to fix it.

I've tried checking the disk but there was no change. I've also made sure that the option to automatically restart after a bsod is disabled, but it never stays on the bsod and immediately reboots, so I still don't even know what the error is. ugh.

Any ideas?