when I try to reboot the system I get a msg saying that this file is missing

"this applicationhas failed to start because msvcrt.dll was not found"

I thought to add it using floppy, so I made a boot diskette, but when I start the machine using this floppy diskette, I get to A:\> and when I try typing c: it says , invalid.

How can I reach the root c and how to copy there the msvcrt.dll file I have on a floppy?


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when you boot to the floppy at the a:\ prompt type in DIR C:\ ,this should show the c: content .if it dose not you have problems .
as for copying the needed file from the floppy you will need to know the full path of where the file needs to go ,if you don't know where it belongs do a google search on the missing .dll to find out .when you find out you just use simple dos command to copy the file .something like this .

copy a:\msvcrt.dll c:\windows\system

i just guessing as to the destination on the c:\ drive .but i think thats where it needs to go
note there is a space in the command between the .dll file and the c:\

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