whenever logging off or shutting down the computer, i get an "end program - layered hidden window" with an option to either cancel or end immediately. well, it's not the most irritating factor to using the box, but i came upon the real culprit behind it and have no clue what it is (nor did i find anything useful under google, except this on the matters of LSP
http://www.microsoft.com/msj/0599/LayeredService/LayeredService.aspx ) The culprit is "Callisto LSP Client" and i have no clue. Has anyone heard of who da hell Callisto is & what app belongs to them? :evil:

Do you have software called Callisto Newsreader/Bulletin Board Browser installed? That's the only program I can find with the name Callisto. Lots of LSP's are spyware/adware etcetera, but this may not be the case for you.

If you haven't taken any steps to prevent spyware/adware/malware and worm/virii infections in your machine, you may want to read up in here:


It is possible you've been infected, since many infections occur with no intervention on your part. You hit a web page, bang, infected. You connect to the internet at all, and you can be infected by worms, and virii. So again, if you haven't been proactive in preventing infections, read the above carefully.

If you are already PC Security conscious, forgive the above, I'm just being thorough, as your problem sounds kinda 'malware-like' to me. :)

Thx for the reply. Might I add that I'm not so much concerned about "what" it is but rather "where" it is. As long as I know where it resides, I would know how to deal with it. It so happens that, upon closer scrutiny, "Callisto" is a class name of the LSP handle. :o

Heheh, so you're all set now?

I just installed a brandnew clean version of windows on a clean formatted hd and I had a job rundll32.exe quoting window special text "Callisto LSP client" with non English sense like hint "Assistant for search for new hardware. This somehow convinced me that it belongs to some hardware installation. If you, however have this window when shutting down, it might be that your hardware has a little installation problem. Check out your hardware manager if there are any yellow question marks or red excl. m. Greets mandigo

I installed Buyertools Reminder, an eBay sniping program, a few days ago. Noticed a lot of disk activity and taskman said reminder.exe was doing a lot of disk writes. Shut it down, started Spy++ and when I restarted Buyertools, it looks like it launched several instances of Callisto LSP client, and one manager. Doesn't APPEAR to be doing anything nefarious, but I still don't know what Callisto is or does.

If anybody knows, I'm curious.

Yep - I run ZA Internet Security Suite. Hmmm.

Then the Callisto LSP is from them. However I'm interested if Saliva runs ZA Security as well

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I have the same problem at shut down "end program - layered hidden window" and yes I run ZA Security Suite. Any suggestions

I used Spy++ and when I clicked on the Callisto process properties and then clicked process, and then clicked on thread ID, it said MANTISPM, so Im figuring its the microsoft anti spam program. I dont know if this is for every instance of the callisto thread, but if you follow the above instructions for each one, you may find out what each one means. I hope this helps.
PS: Some of the others I get are PGPTray, VSMON, and Zonelabs.

Yeah, I've got ZA Internet Security Suite, including Mail Frontier anti-spam, which is the Mantispam process.

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