First, I apologize if I am in the wrong site, I am not an IT professional, just a slub trying to get something fixed. If I should go to a different site, I will be happy to go there if someone knows where to send me.

My problem. I have a HP Pavilion, which was running XP. I decided to put a new HD in it and bought a 160GB AIDE Maxtor drive. I installed it, changed the cable and tried to set it up as the master as the previous drive had been. I changed the jumper to master as shown in the instructions. I changed the BIOS to have the computer boot from CD-ROM, put in my Windows XP disc and started it up. The BIOS shows that the hard disk is there as the master. But soon after it starts installing, the CD-ROM stops whirring and the install stalls, usually before I get to the "Starting Window" message. I just used the disc to install XP in another desktop, so it should be fine. I tried changing the jumper around as well, but it still stalled. Any ideas on why it is doing this, or anything I should change?


first of all is your motherboard compatible with the hard drive coz in most cases it might be overworking causing the stalling

What XP disk are you using? Is it supplied by HP?
Why not just clone the old drive?
It's possible the CD is damaged or dirty-try cleaning it.