Hi all,

I am a newbie so be kind. I have just installed my Windows XP service pack 2. Now when ever I go to site I can not open any pdfs. I get a blank screen, sometimes with that stupid icon in the left corner.

I have gone through my security settings as best I can but I don't think I know that part of my system well enough. I do not have my window pop up blocker off. I have also uninstalled adobe 6.0 and reinstalled it and also installed the certificates and the update.

The strange thing is I can take a pdf that is on my pc or a cd and open it with out any problem. I beleive that this is in my browser settings (IE 6.0) but I can not find it.

Any suggestions or advice is greatly appreciated.


try reinstalling adobe reader then reinstalling IE

Firstly give your IE cache a good clearout. Go to Tools -> Internet Options and click on the Delete Files button. Tick the Delete All Offline Content tickbox and click OK. This will now nuke your cache - just in case Adobe Reader is trying to open a corrupted local copy or something like that.

Failing that, there's version 6.0.2 of the reader available (assuming it's just the reader you've got) - you might want to give that a go for starters. Visit http://www.adobe.com and click on the Get Adobe Reader.



Another few things to check too:

1) Within IE click on Tools -> Manage Add-Ons. Ensure the Adobe related components are enabled.

2) Are your security/content settings set-up correctly? You are allowing Active X controls to function? What's your Security policy (Tools -> Internet Options -> Security) set to?

Failing everything I've outline above and in my previous post, I've no idea :)