Hi, I have a dell dimension 3000 that has just started beeping on boot. It would not boot XP windows and just sit there beeping. After switching it on and off a number of times it eventually booted up and ran for a couple of hours. When returning from making a coffee I found a blue screen. i didn't take note of the error and just carried out the advice offered of restarting. Unfortunately it won't restart and just looks beeps and nothing else. Any suggestions? The PC has loads of photos that I don't want to loose.

I have recently installed the BBC Iplayer (www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer) and am wondering if that is causing problems because my other PC has decided to play (run very very slowly) up since installing

Thanks in advance of any advice

Have you had the blue screen since? If you do get it again, please note down or take a picture with a camera of the error message that starts with "0x000....". Are you able to boot into Safe Mode? Press F8 continuously at startup. I would uninstall the Iplayer if you can get into the computer. Do this either through their uninstaller, or use Add/remove programs in control panel.