The other day, I went and bought some new ram for my PC.
I went to the site and it said that i need either a DDR PC3200 or 2700 because either should be compatible with my motherboard.
So I went out and bought one and went to go install it on my computer.
So I took out my old 256mb stick of ram and put the brand new 1gb in slot one and put the 256 back in slot 2.
I figured "awesome.. now my computer will be 4x faster"
I went to go turn on my computer after plugging everything back in the computer turned on doing the usual things
turned on.. made the usual sounds.. checked the dvd and cd drive.. and i was looking at my moniter but...
nothing came on.
So i said.. oh maybe i hit the graphics card.. which is by the way a matrox millenium pci graphics card which is ancient old and is only 2mb.. i have this because i killed my old 64mb onboard video card so please don't ask.
after making sure it was put back in right. turned the computer back on.. did it's normal things but still nothing happened..
so i said shit.
i took out the 1gig.. but back the 256 and tried again..
put only the 1gig...
took out BOTH the ram..
Changed the slot the card was occupying. (TWICE)

so i have come down to two conclusions. because the computer was working fine before so yea.

A) I killed the graphics card
B) I killed the motherboard.

please tell me i killed the graphics card and that's the only thing I need to replace....

and if any of you tell me to do anything.. please don't tell me just to do it. Tell me WHY.. because I hate doing things for reasons that are unknown to me because i fear I'll kill the computer..

thanks. any help would be appreciated..

Computer: Compaq Presario 6330CA
any more info just tell me

Most likely the new ram card was upside down in the slot. That makes a big mess of all kinds of parts.

What do you mean upside down.. I'm pretty sure I put it in right....

because the notch on the DDR is very close to center, it is possible to install it backwards(reversed end to end).

Are you getting any beep codes from the motherboard? After a successful Power On Self Test there is usually a single beep. Multiple or continuous beeps indicate a hardware issue.

no beeps were produced from the motherboard...
when it was working fine it did not produce a sound.. nor after i put the ram in
it's detecting the keyboard mouse and cd drives so im pretty sure the motherboard is fine....