I typed msconfig in run and i scrolled down to audio and theres a check mark by it already, but it says stopped in the far right column. I read another forum about this on this site and they all said they typed services.msc in run and just clicked start in the audio properties and it fixed their audio, when i type services.msc or services.msc. in run it says "The application failed to initialize properly (Oxc0000006). Click on OK to terminate the application." any ideas?....


try to reinstall driver of the sound card ?

or it could be that a virus has deleted a part of the software that runs ur sound card ?

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-firstly Are you updated with one of the latest anti virus programs,check for viruses cos that is a common problem that we sometimes 4get about.if everything is intact with the same prob...
-Run a windows repair @ startup (still the same?)
-Reinstall the drivers of the sound card(but first remove all old drivers)

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