I'm running win2k sp4 on an abit ab9 pro motherboard.

I'm using the onboard jmicron JMB363 sata raid controller in raid 1.

I used this controller because i could not get the other 2 contollers (intel and silicon) to work with the win2k installation.

This workstation has been running for about a month, and today when rebooting it displayed "inaccessible_boot_device".

I tried safe mode, boot to last known good, no avail.

I tried to boot from an win2k and xp cd to use the repair console to run chkdsk /f but the same error is displayed as the cd is booting (where it says press f6 for raid driver, etc).

I have a very strong feeling this issue is related to the raid configuration or raid controller.

Any assistance is appreciated.




I unplugged 1 of the drives in the raid and it wont not boot (gave the same error).

I unplugged the other (re-plugging the first back in) and it booted fine.

Running diag on hdd right now.