for starters this is an xp pro, ie7, verizon-yahoo mail problem. recently i am not able to download e-mail attachments of any kind. (pdf jpg rtf ppd) and so on. all help desks point to each other. microsoft says its the e-mail portal, yahoo says its the browser, ie7 says its the programs are corrupted, norton says it's yahoo????? How can I get to the bottom of this. when I open an e-mail all seems normal, click the attachment, norton scan window opens and aproves, click download attachment, download file popup opens, select run or save (it doesn't matter) and the little paper starts flying to the file. and flying, and flying and flying forever, it never even reports file size or download speed or anything. and no error message HELP. thanx, andy

OK so it's me again, I just stumbled on something,(even a blind pig find a truffle sometimes) when i run ie7 with no add-ons it works fine!! how do i know what the conflict is???

a little more info. it seems the problem is with norton internet security or some conflict with it. when i disable the norton confidential add-on everything works perfectly. after 2 chat sessions totaling 3.7 hours and a 1 hour phone call norton is scratching their heads too. any suggestions where to go from here, apparently norton will have their goto guys review and investigate but i'm not hopeful

After Googling "norton confidential add-on " it looks like you have a fairly common problem. everyone else seems to have just disabled the Norton add-on and moved on. Do you have any other security add-ons that might be conflicting with the Norton add-on?

I don't think that i have anything else that would be conflicting. verizon-yahoo security has all been uninstalled and microsoft firewall and phising are disabled. my concern is when i disable the add-on my phising filter is disabled with it. when i try to turn the filter back on the add-on come with. ps. no word back from norton it yet, but it's only been almost 3 days. thanks for the tip, any other idea's or what to switch to that will keep me protected ,AND allow me to read word attachments Andy