OS: Windows XP home edition
2.6 GHz
256 MB ram
40GB hard drive
Celeron processor
McAfee security, Norton antivirus 2005, Spybot, and Spyware Blaster running.

Whenever I re-boot my computer, it will freeze on the screen that says "HP Invent" (the blue and white screen). None of the keys will release it. I called HP support, and they had me:

1. Shut down the computer by holding in the power button.
2. Unplug all the cables in the back including power cord.
3. Hold in the power button for 60 seconds.
4. Re-connect all cables except printer.
5. Re-start the computer.

This got it past the "HP Invent" screen to my desktop as it should, but it did not solve the problem. I am still unable to re-start after shutting down without having to go through all that mess. I am able to put it in standby mode and get it back up again without a problem. But if I have to actually re-start it for any reason, the same freeze-up will occur.

Is there anything I can try without having to take it into the shop?


Craig P.

This sounds like you have a device causing Windows to hang (a hardware device).

Have you recently installed a new program or device? If so, uninstall it or unplug it.

Give it a go after that. You can also unplug all of you devices and then shutdown and reboot progressively. What I mean is plug in one device after each reboot. Keep doing this until you have the freeze...then you'll know it was the last thing you plugged in.