Hello, I have 25 years experience but i am stumped. I am usually the guy that finds that unknown solution but this time I need help. Have hard drive from computer number one, ran win xp repair, no fix does not boot ,virus [reboots]. I need to access 2 folders that were privatized.
solution put drive in as second hard drive in computer #2. Go to d:\docs & settings.go to folde user account that is private.right click on properties.should be able to uncheck private folder but it is grayed. I boot in safe mode same thing. Open dos window
in reg and then safemode both still no access , can not change or copy to another location.
I plan on reformatrting but need to save both user account s docs folders lots of stuff.
Using windows XP pro.Looked under manage no solution,also went to control panel admin did not see solution there either.
possible solution make folders unprivate with command prompt dos commands ?
manage and control admin do not address any hard drives other than one running that copy of windows.Please help!!Thank you

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crazy question but have you taken ownership of the files?

I have done many things, learned many things done the impossible . I did not know this one. I saw it but did not understand completely was almost there,just did not check box.Thank you
Help very much appreciated.



Is your problem solved? I know it may sound stupid to you. Maybe you should try to add yourself as an ADMINISTRATOR under the Sharing Tab for the Folder? What I mean, for an example....you are currently using USER1, which is an administrator account. Right-click the folder which you are unable to access the account,go to Security & Sharing. Select Security, Add yourself COMPUTERNAME\USER1 as an administrator. Then ALLOW FULL CONTROL for this account.Click ok. See how it goes, let me know if it works,thanks!

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