Am not too sure what this goes under but since am working with Vista, i guess it could apply to this forum. Well you see i have been getting some trouble with my new computer. It is custom built and am very sure that all the parts are compatable with each other. It seems that everytime i try to install my Vista Home Basic operating system on the computer, something goes wrong.
The first time i tried to install it, it froze on part that says extending files. I restarted the process and got a little further at the extending process but then the computer blue screened and gave a message about a NTFS file system problem. I tryed a different harddrive only to find out that nothing is wrong with my hard drive. I tried installing the OS on the HD on another computer and it worked. I then installed the working HD into my computer and it booted up.
It seemed like everything was going alright until my compter started restarting for no reason. I assumed that the processor was over heating but after further investigation it was shown that it was fine. I double checked all my parts but everything was compatable and properly installed. I then decided to change the processor but even this didn't work. I somehow believe that it is my mother board but i am not in a hurry to buy another motherboard until am fully sure. Can you please confirm this for me.

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It could be your motherboard or your Hard drive cable.

You shouldn't have to buy a new motherboard. Every motherboard I've ever bought comes with at least a six month warranty, usually 1 year + (but I buy higher end parts for myself and clients)


I use a SATA hard drive and i have changed the cable already. Also my warranty is expired so i can't exchange it for a new one.


have you tried changing Ram and how big is your ram capacity . am sure your ram is above 512 mb and if thats the case is it one chip or they two chips or more and if there are more than one chip, are the speed for all matching with the other.

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