Hello, I'm a little new here, please go easy on me if this has been addressed already.

I am currently using an XP SP2 machine to RDP into another machine (also xp SP2) with a Lexmark z715 directly attached via USB. The printer driver is the latest from Lexmark's site (v1.0.11.0, MAR 17 2004). I go through the entire installation process with the driver software (including Lexmark's forced install of their crappy software), and installation completes. I specify which printer cartridges I have installed, and then it brings me to the "print alignment page" portion of the setup, where my problems start.

In my printer list, I can see the z715 as a printer, and it indicates it is "ready" (not "offline"). Additionally, there is another copy of the z715, except it also says "z715-As username"

When I try to print to either of these options, printing immediately fails. I even get the annoying Lexmark voice that says "printing failed" and a Lexmark window tells me to check the connection, reboot, etc. I have rebooted several times, unplugged, and re-plugged in the USB cord (each time it makes the XP device removal/attachment chime) all to no avail.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

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