Every time I start my computer it wipes away the drivers I just installed. I use a verto driver disk thats made for my video card. I followed the instructions but for some reason my hardware wont remember what I installed for video drivers after i restart my computer... I already tried various things like driver sweeper and wiped out all my drivers an reinstalled them again but that didnt work. Also after I install my drivers my resolution changes to 800-600 instead of regular 1080-1024. And I keep having to select my computers theme before I can change my resolution. If I dont have my video drivers installed it makes everything skip on the screen when I drag something or lag when i'm scrolling down a page... Any help would be appreciated!

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Usually this means that Windows is trying to use a different driver. When this happerns, go to:

Start/settings/control panel/system/hardware/device manager

See what driver is installing itself in place of your driver.

Note that if it is the plug-and-play driver that came with the drive, it might be the hardware start sequence that is installing it.

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