My sister has a strange issue with her Vista laptop. 2 days ago her firefox froze up and then the whole laptop shut down, but everything was fine since. Today, it happened again, then when she booted it up it started up and then shut down. She tried again and it shut down again after a few mins, and she wasn't even using it. Ask me any questions, I will answer the best my can so hopefully you can figure out the problem.

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It is always a good idea to give technical details of the laptop.

You can try these:
- Contact only support e.g. Dell or may be other companies could assist you remotely

- Use system restore.

On my Dell Inspiron one of Windows Vista's updates caused the laptop to restart after I close the lid. I used system restore to set the system in a stable state.

Is the laptop too warm ?

Good luck.

Was there any messages before it shut down? or did it just shut down?

You could try to disconnect battery and use straight power -- this could be the cause of a malfunctioning battery

It wouldn't hurt to run a virus scan, even though firefox is much more secure than Internet explorer, it is not immune to viruses... though this does not sound like a virus related issue, more like a hardware issue

If that shows nothing, I agree with lordspace, try a system restore to A DATE BEFORE THE PROBLEM STARTED OCCURRING...

If these things do not clear up this problem, post back with the laptop specs and all of your results

I had almost the same problem yesterday. My laptop just froze and it gave me the weird sound, more like a warning. Then I turned off the laptop and restarted it, only to find out that I couldn't open my Vista on it, no matter how many times I tried to open. There
was a prompt telling me to either restart using the usual windows setting or try to install the program again. What I did was I reinstalled the Vista OS. I presume it was a virus that caused that. After I installed the Vista, everything went to normal except that I lost all my files in Drive C. :@

Sorry i didnt respond. It was overheated.

What brand is it ?

Sounds like a heat issue.
Make sure the fan is running and dust free.

My laptop a DEL INSPIRON 1525 has been doing the same. Its not the batterty (have it plugged in) and I dont think its the fan ( I can hear it and it doesn't seem to be too hot). It has been shutting down by itself without warning for a week os so now.
Does anyone else have this problem with this model???
Please help!!

Let the Laptop rest for a while, keep it cool. This seems to be an over heating problem.

Backupup ur data to other drive & reload Vista ur system is infacted virus

no need to bring back old threads from the dead, kids.

+1. Start your own thread people.

i had the same problem. i opened my laptop and found that cpu fan was not working and there was a lot of dirt i removed it and then tried switching on but it wont boot and screen was off. so i removed one ram module from it and it started running v fine now. no probs till now.

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