Hi guys, I really need your help. I'm Using windows XP SP2. I want to make a recovery CD for it, but I want it to include all my settings and application so that i don't need to install every single application and driver. Is that possible to do that? My mates said to try acronis true image 11. Is there any software to make that possible? And I also need step by step guide.

Appreciate your help.

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Use Norton Ghost to make a CD with your needs. It will create a Recovery CD which can restore your machine to the date the restore was made. It will install everything including all applications installed till that date.


you will have to buy Ghost

ok, i did buy norton ghost 12. but will it be able to make recovery cd to restore all my windows with setting and programs even if i can't get windows started?

can someone help with the step? i idid make recovery point with it.

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