I recently got hit by a horrific malware attack which included Virtumonde. I think I'm rid of it but not entirely sure. AVG seems to find one browser highjacker at each boot which it claims to have gotten rid of each time.....

I did have a taskbar message "Virus Alert" left over after rooting out this malware but I found a thread here that showed how to edit the Registry to get rid of this. So that's gone.

But it also disappeared half my icons on the desktop - which is no great problem - and caused the C: drive to disappear from Explorer.

Obviously the C: drive is working okay, it's that computer I'm on now.

And I can look at it if I right click 'start' and select 'explore'.

But I can't see if from explorer.

So does anyone know how to reset explorer or fix it somehow to make it see what is there?

Anyone else had this problem? Anyone know what has been done to cause this?



Hey there. Try this. Looks good, although I have to say I haven't used it before and so you use it at your own risk. If you do decide to try it out, do backup all your files, folders and settings, and ensure you have a System Restore checkpoint before the installation. You can create one to be on the safe side.

From what you say it sounds like it is a question of getting registry files back to what they should be.

Or check out this page.

Looks more hassle free than letting the software do it for you, but you are still in charge of your PC's destiny so to speak. As with all cases, do a backup beforehand, so that you can restore files and what not if something goes wrong.

hey there
you can also download MRT witch is a great tool for malicious malware here. its a .exe and works wonderfull
spybots search and destroy is also a great tool that will help you delete virtumonde, vundo etc
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once thats done you will need to give some TLC to your registry as thinka suggested. I personally dont have a registry tool that I can refer to yet but you should be able to find a good one perhaps here.
good luck

Check this key:
Create a Name, a DWord=NoDrives
Assign a value = 0