I had to remove my main harddrive and replace it with another drive. I did make my old main drive as D on my pc. What I would like to know is there a way I can remove my old e-mail on the D drive to my C drive? I am running Xp

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I'm not sure if this will work but it may be worth a try-
Is Outlook Express still installed on D: drive? If it is the try importing to Outlook Express on C:.
If this cannot be done then try installng another E-mail prog on D: (e.g. Eudora).Import mail and addresses into Eudora-then import into Outlook express on C:.Then if you want -uninstall eudora


Simply copy them over. Do a search for your old .dbx files, they are possibly under your Docs & Settings.
-if you have no new emails in your current OE simply copy in the old mail .dbx files, overwriting the new.
-if you do have new emails you wish to keep, then in your new email folder first rename the relevant .dbx files to .dbx.bak and then copy in the old files. And so on.
You can simply add the contents by creating a new folder, dragging wanted mails into there, then redragging them back into your new email folders once you reset them.

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