I just installed Zone Alarm and disabled the XP firewall and neither IE or Firefox will access the internet.
'Spybot and AdAware can access and update ...
I have used Zone Alarm on 98 with no problems...
Programs tab shows I have given IE and Firefox access

Any help appreciated...

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recheck your settings in ZA, IE, and Firefox. Even re-enable the windows firewall & disable Zone Alarm to figure out what the problem is.


I would remove zonealarm pro, You really dont need a firewall 99% of the time unless you go piss some hacker off, or you run your own server.


I had to enable a generic process in order for everything to get back to normal.

I also need to disagree that a firewall is necessary for everyone on the internet.

The XP firewall does not stop outgoing processes but Zone Alarm does...

In fact while writing this I had someone try to connect to me with netbios...
Sometimes it is just my ISP pinging me but other attempts are not as innocent.

Thanks for the input...


Hey thong!
That is right, generic host is necessary for most of the network connections. Before reading this is had suspected that you have explicitly assigned low priority to firefox and blocked it.
Anyways congrats on resolving the issue. rock on.


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