I wish I could say this is mine. I took it from another forum and it really helped me alot with ie6 problems bigtime. Someone please correct me if I am wrong but it sure helped me out big time. Go to start. Run. Type in regsvr32 Urlmon.dll. There must be a space between 32 and Urlmon. Some other dll files that may help. Rember to do this with each dll file seperate! Dont forget the space between32 and the dll file. You will recive a popup window saying sucess. Reboot and see what happens. Dont forget to put dll after each of these. Shdocvw, Shell32 ,Oleaut32, Actxprxy, Mshtml ,Urlmon. I believe the first letter must be a cap. All this does is register the dll file in windows xp. For some reason xp unregisers them?? No clue why. Maxthon browser is almost like ie6 without the ie6 problems, Its free, No adds, Great help forum and It has tabs. Took me 10 min to get used to using it. I have always used ie. Goodness knows I have tried every browser out there atleast twice. For me maxthon is the best in my humble oppinion :)..........Hope this helps......peace......im out.. I goofed. If someone would be so kind to move this to the ie section I would apreciate it.....Sorry

what exactly is acheived by doing this? my XP IE works fine.....

It repairs some ie issues. Like I said I have no clue why xp unregisters some dll files. Whin I click on links and ie goes no place. Ie is slow, Acting strange or whatever I use the process and ie is fine again. No I dont reboot. But I do suggest it to help posssibly fix other problems. Just my humble oppinion.....peace....im out

ok cheers anyway! I use opera as I find it much better than IE.... ;)