I'm getting a message;

Volume Control: 'There are no active mixer devices available. You may install mixer devices from the Add/Remove Hardware Wizard in the Control Panel'.

Please help!

Also, I deleted my previous partition of W2000 through Windows Setup, and created a new partition with a new W2000. I'm hoping that my registry is brand new now, as I was deleting things in the previous version to get rid of Norton....

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it means you havent installed your drivers.

it means you havent installed your drivers.

ok- have got one stage further. The laptop was built for 98SE but I did a clean install of 2000pro.

I downloaded the 98SE driver from Toshiba and got it to pick up the system file.

In Device Manager under Multimedia Audio Controller, there is an exclamation mark. I reinstall driver, get Windows Update to search for a suitable driver.

It says it has found one more suitable than mine. I can either get one from c:\winnit\inf\oem3.inf or install another suitable driver (Crystal Sound Fusion CS4281 WDM Audio).

Then it goes on about the digital signature not found etc.

Problem is it asks me for the W2000 installation disk in order to copy files. What should I copy from the W2000 disk? The filepath defaults to D:\i386, but that's no good and my process stops there....

Just stick the disk in. I think you need to point it at D:\ not D:\i386

Also do not install the 98 drivers on windows 2000. Use windows 2000 or XP drivers.

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