Here is what disturbs me about MSIE vs FF:
MS is a for-profit business and sells ad space - how good is their ad blocker going to be?

The last couple of evil exploits have been using click-through ads.

I use FF at home and I have no ads (sorry csgal - I really will contribute soon <vbg>) -- except that I allow google ads because they actually keep them corralled where I know what they are. When I have to use ie at work, the ads just drive me crazy.

The only way that I can think of to make anything computer-related secure is not to use it.

thats how things always are

e.g if someone wants to rob your house they will always find a way. Obviously a better lock and a fence might help, maybe even a dog but if someone is determined enough, they will find a way. Even the most impenetrable fortress always has a crack.

^^^^ well said

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Maxthon rulz.

Yes it does!!

I use the last version of MyIE2 :) (Last version before name change)

it stll runs IE its just a different interface

Yeah, but its a lot faster because the classic versions have great memory handling. I can open about 50 YouTube videos all on play and get 50k memory usage. Right now with only this Daniweb window open, Task Manager is reporting 8MB of memory usage from Maxthon.exe, bringing my total to 700MB of free memory from my 1GB of ram. In reality, the startup time for Maxthon is usually smaller than Opera 9's because Maxthon runs so efficiently. Also, Maxy's extremely customizable with just about everything. I have flat tabs with the active tab highlighted yellow. For my keyword search: g for google, w for wikipedia, d for, d for The Free Dictionary, hd for Stage6, y for YouTube, t for, get for, a for asking a Yahoo! Answers question, e for ebay, and n for newegg. This all results in ultra-fast web browsing. It even has a reopen last closed tab function like Firefox with Alt+Z. Just remember not to use Friendly Error Page cause it redirects to Greatsearchresults, and CTRL+N opens a new tab instead of CTRL+T. CTRL+T will do a scale effect like Expose, so you can see all your tabs in one page. Even more bragging, IE engine = compatiblity.

the g for google thing can be enabled in xp

You are all a bunch of ---------. Internet Explorer rules!!!!!! Microsoft is the best.

i agree

If you want a kick butt firefox get the fasterfox extension , it makes ie seem about as quick as a milkfloat with a flat tyre.

What's that... ie is your favorite browser because it is just plainly better than firefox, no matter what extension is installed? ... i know, you don't need to state the obvious, because firefox is like the "macintosh" of browsers. there is a reason why the world in on ie.

i like IE due to the fact it has commerical support, is well integrated, well supported by plugins, lots of pages work on it, and it is easy to keep updated, and can be locked down centrally in a commercial enviorment.

I also prefer IE :) (Version 6)

I use both IE7 and FF. I like IE

IE6 runs fast but has so many security holes, and is not standards compliants. I like IE7 better for this reason, plus IE7 has tabs. Only downside of IE7 is its a bit slow

I've switched to Firefox 3 beta 5. Its so ****ing fast!!!! =)

Im trying firefox beta 5. very fast. I like the search bar the most.

One more thing , u will not get the cool add-ons available in firefox in any other browser.
it really makes your browsing experience more pretty n comfortable.
this makes firefox ahead of others .
but for speed i also found the new Chrome(google) as the fastest and simplest.

I have latest Firefox 3.0.1 that I installed just a couple days ago and IE7, but I don't see much difference speedwise. They are both about the same on my computer.

We recently updated our hardware, so I put W2K SP4 on it. The offspring had been whinging that we "only" had Opera 8.5 and IE6SP1 on the old box, so I put FF 3.0.1 for them, and Opera 9.51 for me. Oh, and kept the IE6SP1. Guess what they migrated to?

Gotta love Opera!

BTW, a lot of folks diss IE. I keep remembering: download the Power Toys, Web Development and Web Accessories, then you could -- long, long before anybody else could -- select any text and highlight it (Opera has a couple of User-JS tweaks for this); select any text and view the HTML; toggle images off/on; build custom address-bar searches (currently NOT possible in FF); text zooming was always standard without the tweaks; zoom images separately from the page text. Have I forgotten anything? Security: just up the ante as far as you like, in minute detail, even to the point of disabling ActiveX... and classify any page according to its needed security treatment. Oh yes: In Opera I have 3 bars taking up the top of my real estate. In IE I have only 2 bars. The only thing IE6 doesn't have is tabbed browsing.


I am trying IE8 beta 2 atm. Linking it, but its a memory eater. In a machine with 2gb or more ram though, its fine

(im not joking about this - 5 tabs open eats about 120mb)

Sounds like its way over bloated J...

Its way more stable though

Each tab is a new thread process so that if one crashes / a script starts eating all the cpu time and memory it wont affect the other tabs.

Firefox is better than IE, do doubt, but it is not flawless by any means. It still has memory management issues. The person who only has limited RAM needs to be careful having too many tabs open. Check out the Task Manager Processe Tab (Ctrl-Alt-Del > Processes) and you may shocked by how much memory Firefox is using.

I've been experimenting with Chrome. Still not quite ready for prime time, but it is super fast on certain sites. I mean blazing fast. It lacks the add-ons, but eventually it will compete strongly with Firefox.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a big Firefox fan and I think it's great that Catweaszel has written this manual and is distributing for free (in the true tradition of open source), but you should be aware that as good it is, like any software, it ain't perfect.

Ron Miller
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Firefox is the good browser.


I have only used FF1.5 and yes it seems to be just as good as my favourite browser (MyIE2)

I am trying IE8 beta 2 atm. Linking it, but its a memory eater. In a machine with 2gb or more ram though, its fine

(im not joking about this - 5 tabs open eats about 120mb)

I do agree, but whilst have been an FF user since around version 0.7, am ready to throw it to the wind as memory leakage is still ludicrous. Now I know am a tab & window fiend, but 250,000K PLUS (and that's with a bunch of tweaks in the config, and minimal add-ons)is beyond a joke, and have just about had a gut-full. Problem is, look at the alternatives.

I have only used FF1.5 and yes it seems to be just as good as my favourite browser (MyIE2)

Spotted your post and went hunting. MyIE2 is now Maxthon2 by the way (although I do remember IE2, but never really took much notice as still tapped into IE's core engine, so kinda defeated the purpose).

Now I don't know what IE2 was like, but Maxthon2 is a bigger memory b1tch than FF 3.5!! 70,000+K for TWO TABS?? 123,000K when streaming video on a third tab!!

Sorry, but no deal I'm afraid. Have been a little interested in Chrome, but given Google's track-record with abusing user privacy, have steered clear.


I dont like the new versions though,they suck compared to MyIE2!! (Alot of features were taken out in the new versions (Now people are complaining to them to put them back))

Ah well... That does make sense Jbennet for the browser to treat EACH TAB AS A NEW THREAD!! (I think MyIE2 treats them all under one thread (Although once in awhile if it crashes,IT ONLY TAKES THE CURRECT TAB IM ON (Happend a few times)))

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