We have a wireless router to enable internet sharing (we are all students so we went wireless). The internet connection works, but me and my friend have often wanted to transfer information across the network or play games against each other. How do we go about this across a network? Could it just be that we both have ZoneAlarm set to Stealth out computers?

Could be, Ryan. If that Router is also an Internet gateway, with NAT protection, or even better with SPI protection, then you could disable ZoneAlarm anyway if you choose. I personally just use my modem/router, and have no problems at all.

Make sure, of course, that your systems use the same workgroup name and that file and printer sharing is enabled on them.

Also setup the XP firewall to allow File and Printer sharing or disable it if it's on. Don't use the computer names...always use IP addresses instead. You can telnet the other pc's IP address on the port F+P sharing uses like this:

Start-->Run--> type cmd and click "Ok"

To find out the IP address on a machine from this dos prompt type: ipconfig

In the black dos window type the following:

telnet <ip address> 139

...if there is a connectivity problem or a firewall is blocking the traffic you'll get a message like this:

"Connecting To not open connection to the host, on port 139: Co
nnect failed"

...if you get a blank window with flashing cursor you have the right connectivity - probably just need to use IP instead of name.

you can use this method for getting the games working - just find out what port/s the game uses.

Thanks! That has worked, although not tried any games yet. But we can now share files if we want to. Thanks!

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